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Mobile Frameworks

Mobile frameworks provide the essential tools to develop hybrid mobile applications. It uses multiple web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SASS to create commercial applications. At Cinavia Technology Pvt. Ltd., our developers spend considerable amount of time creating a UI interface, design the interface, create rules of engagement, set policies, policies, procedures and personnel, run the pilot and launch the product to ensure that your business meets its goals.

A multiple phone web-based application framework is a software framework that is designed to support the development of phone applications that are written as embedded dynamic websites and may leverage native phone capabilities, like geo data or contact lists.

Ionic (mobile app framework) Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. ... The more recent releases, known as Ionic 2 or simply "Ionic", are built on Angular. Ionic provides tools and services for developing hybrid mobile apps using Web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and Sass.


Sencha Touch is a user interface (UI) JavaScript library, or web framework, specifically built for the Mobile Web. It can be used by Web developers to develop user interfaces for mobile web applications that look and feel like native applications on supported mobile devices. Custom Use Licensing is available for uses that exceed the commercial license use restrictions, such as use for software that can be described as a development toolkit or library, an application builder, a website builder or any application that is intended for use by software, application, or website developers

Mono Frame Work

Mono is a free and open-source project led by Xamarin, a subsidiary of Microsoft (formerly by Novell and originally by Ximian), and the .NET Foundation, to create an Ecma standard-compliant, .NET Framework-compatible set of tools including, among others, a C# compiler and a Common Language Runtime.

Mono is a software platform designed to allow developers to easily create cross platform applications part of the .NET Foundation. Sponsored by Microsoft, Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime.

Application framework. License. Apache Public License v2, Proprietary software. ... Appcelerator Titanium is an open-source framework that allows the creation of native mobile apps on platforms including iOS, Android and Windows UWP from a single JavaScript codebase, developed by Appcelerator.
Phone Gap
Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) is a mobile application development framework originally created by Nitobi. Adobe Systems purchased Nitobi in 2011, rebranded it as PhoneGap, and later released an open source version of the software called Apache Cordova.

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